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7 Things to Check Before You Buy A House

We’ve learned the hard way that there’s some very important things that should be checked before signing the papers to buy a new home.

Even though there will always be cosmetic changes to make to a new home, trying to avoid costly repairs upon first moving in is always a good idea. Being able to save that money for the furniture of your dreams, or even just for the shopping can be very beneficial. Here’s a few things we suggest checking before you sign the papers and inherit all of the previous owner’s past problems.

1. Check The Drains: This might sound silly, but we’ve had two homes with the same issues in the last several years. Somewhere between the house and the sewer line, there’s a backup. Usually tree branches or a collapsed pipe, but either way, it’s hard to spot unless you run a load in the washing machine, fill up the bath and sinks and let them all attempt to drain at the same time.

2. Open All The Windows: Replacing windows isn’t fun and it isn’t cheap either. Open them all to find out if they stick, are stuck or just a bit old and won’t open.

3. Turn On All The Taps: Although changing out taps isn’t exactly rocket science it’s always a pain to do. Just check to make sure they all work before buying to eliminate the back ache.

4. Light A Fire In The Fireplace: Even though chimneys are usually installed by professionals, that doesn’t mean they’re always in pristine shape. Cleaning them is as simple as a phone call to a local chimney sweep, but finding out if all the fireplaces in the home draft correctly is another.

5. Flush The Toilets: Knowing that all the toilets in the home can handle toilet paper is a must. If you’re dissatisfied they could issue you money back to make the replacement in order to get you to sign on the dotted line!

6. Turn On The Heating and Hot Water: Knowing that both of these things work prior to actually needing them is very important. Check to make sure they work at their respective temperatures in addition to just turning on.

7. Cellar Moisture: Although most home surveyors will sniff this one out for you, look for signs of dampness. Even if the walls aren’t apparently wet, look for things like dehumidifiers, silica or other things that grab moisture from the air and keep it at bay. If the home owners are smart enough to move these things, look for places near outlets that look clean (or leave a dust ring) where something like this might have sat.

Do you have one to add to the list? Share your tip (and story behind it) in the comments below!

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