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Selling Your House

The First Step Request A Free Valuation

When you are thinking of selling your home, the first step is to obtain an accurate market valuation. Our experienced residential sales teams can provide you with a realistic valuation that will take a balanced account of the current market conditions to help you make the right decision for your next move.

During our free consultation, we will listen carefully to your needs, advise you of the value of your property and outline how we will sell it for the best possible price.

Please contact us to arrange a visit at a time to suit you.

Why Sell Through Neil Wright Estate Agents?

Below, we list some good reasons why you should entrust your property to us, but don’t just take our word for it,  read some testimonials from satisfied customers

How Do We Do It?

From the time you instruct us at the initial valuation stage, through to the sale and finally completion, we will be in partnership with you, promising to act only in your very best interest at all times.

We will be your eyes, your ears and your advisor. We will set the right price by agreement with you, create a meaningful marketing programme, and when we find the right buyer, we will negotiate the very best price and terms for you, seeing things through to a satisfactory conclusion.

We are not foolish enough to suggest that all will be plain sailing. However, we will be there to deal with the issues from start to finish, taking the weight off your shoulders.

Our Position In The Community And Offices

Our offices are positioned in the heart of both Settle and High Bentham. This is where we get to know people and we often create deals through word of mouth. We are part of the local communities. Our long-term staff know many, many people. That said, you can be assured of confidentiality throughout.

Marketing And Exposure

We produce top quality Property Particulars with well-written descriptions, good photography and detailed floor plans that help greatly in bringing and ‘sifting’ the right people to view your home.

In truth however, this is more to show our faces to the local communities than to sell properties. Many buyers are introduced or referred to us by long standing associates, both nationally and worldwide, and these days a large number of enquiries come to us electronically through our Internet presence. Our ‘For Sale’ boards are also still a rich source of good enquiries from locals and passers-by.

The Internet

This has introduced a new dimension for home movers. It provides armchair access to vast tranches of information about the property market. If you use Neil Wright Estate Agents to sell, you will be assured of knowing that in addition to our own website, your property will be exposed through the UK’s largest property portal – Rightmove

When the Internet does its job and delivers ‘out of area’ buyers to our towns and villages, our offices capture these people and our staff then start talking to them and ultimately convert them to buyers. Our own website, is quickly accessed through the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing

However, we never forget that in the final analysis, the Internet is only another shop window and a supplier of information. It is our experienced staff that provide the support, guidance and detailed knowledge of our customer’s properties to these potential buyers.

We Don’t Just Locate The Buyer – We Earn Our Fees

We earn our fee by making sure we take negotiations the full distance. Whilst we cannot force a buyer to pay more than they have to spend, we are usually able to create the environment for them to recognise that they really want to buy a particular property and help them recognise where the actual purchase price for that property lies. Our reputation heralds the fact that we are supportive, creative, knowledgeable and expert in all that we do. We will anticipate, assess and guide you through the process, helping you make confident decisions when they fall due.

It’s All About People

In the final analysis, it is about people. Rapport, good communication skills, understanding and a deep-rooted care and interest to succeed for our customers, are the factors that really make us stand out from the crowd. To find out a little more about our ethos and background click about us.

Don’t Leave It To Chance

Neil Wright Estate Agents won’t let you down, we are experts in property and promise to work closely with you to attain your goal in achieving the best possible price for your property in the shortest possible time.

If you need to sell, talk to us.